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Over the last ten years the amazing EMS technology in Total Toner has become the muscle toning, cellulite burning and pain relieving device of choice for millions of people around the world.

"I can't believe the results, Thank you Total Toner"

“I can do an “On-the-Go workout” I can do a hard workout; I can do an easy workout. After using Total Toner for two months none of my pants fit me. I noticed the difference right away with Total Toner, I can’t believe the results I got… Thank you Total Toner”

- Joe Simone, 5/20/19

"I was a size 22 jeans and dress.. I'm now a size 10"

"I’ve reached the point I was wearing a size 22 jeans and I just said I got to do something, I’ve got to make some changes. I started using Total Toner and eating s lot healthier and it accelerated the process I was a size 22 jeans and dress I’m now a size 10"

- Brynn Baskin, 4/28/20

"I changed my life.. total toner really help me a lot"

"I changed my diet completely started eating clean and healthy cut out the junk food and of course Total Toner which really help me a lot anybody out there who wants to make a change in their life and their appearance they should really use the Total Toner"

- Anthony Botafogo, 7/16/20

"total toner has helped me become this person"

'When I started using the Total Toner within 4 weeks, I noticed an immediate change and I felt better and more confident and my friends noticed and is really gratifying when your friends notice that you’re making a change"

- Sophia Galassi, 03/13/21

"I think the total toner helped save my life"

"I really wanted to exercise my upper body and the Total Toner allowed me to do that you can see it working now it’s working the muscle just as if I’m doing a set of BI’s. I think the Total Toner helped save my life"

- Chris Torino, 08/13/20

"total toner worked for me when others failed"

"Total Toner worked for me when everything else failed. I was not at my best, I was not at my fighting weight, I was not satisfied with how I looked. Total Toner helped me get a tighter waist and core"

- Aaron Zavala, 09/22/19

"comfortable and super easy to use"
"I love working out but at the end of a long day that last thing I want to do is get down on the floor and do a million crunches. I can just put it on, I can go home and I know that it’s strengthening and it’s toning and I’m getting that strong sexy body that I desire"

- Nicole Spizzirri, 01/19/20

"tones and targets specific areas"
"As a personal trainer I know I need to hit all areas of my abs, upper, lower, intercostals, obliques, lower abs which are really hard to get sometimes without hurting your hip flexors. I can aim it in any direction I want and hit and target that specific area"

- Thomas Murphy, 06/20/20

"works right out of the box"
"Look at these contractions. it Doesn’t hurt but I feel like I’m getting a great workout using it. I can take it out the box, I can put it on my stomach and there I go, there’s my workout. My 30 minutes of workout, instead of leaving my house and going to the gym"

- Khloe Rigoud, 08/12/19

"safe and effective ems device"
"I’ve trained a ton of people, famous, non famous, different ranges of age. Total Toner is my secret weapon. I give it to all my clients to tone their entire body. I feel really good about using it because it is quick, easy to use and it’s safe and effective"

- Daniel Zielyk, 04/16/21